Monday, August 11, 2008

My Bank Balance

You have given me a very strange life My Lord. I strive too hard to create a healthy bank balance which will never last with me till eternity. I slog every day to earn good profits which will be lost when I am no more. Which cannot secure anything in Your Sultanate.

My inner voice tells me to create a bank balance which You approve of. The bank balance which has Your blessings. The bank balance which will grant me High Position in Your Empire. A healthy balance of good deeds in Your Divine Bank is the key to secure Your nearness. And this will be possible only with Your Divine and Limitless help.

So My Lord, please increase my assets by increasing virtues in me and decrease my liabilities by removing all the vices which You don't approve of.

Give me healthy Bank Balance which will give me a high position in Your eyes and make me successful in both the worlds. Give me enough money that would help me and my family live here with dignity and grant me and my family limitless virtues that may help us in doing deeds which will make You proud of us. Fulfill my wish for the sake of Holy Prophet and His Progeny; as I belong to this Holy family, O My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

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