Friday, March 29, 2013

I thought so

  • "Ego destroys the goodness within; the way germs harm the plants. And hampers the further evolution of an individual."
  • "Relevance is the most important aspect of life. Two friends meeting after a long time talks about issues they have left behind like their school/college memories etc which connects them together. Same holds true in Business World if the Business Model does not connect well with the customers it looses its relevance and dies. Hence in order to nurture a relationship or a business model work to make it relevant for a longer period and you are assured of a long-term success."
  • "Every argument can never be won. But Remain composed and dignified while you argue, this ensures that you have put forward your view point."
  •  "Whatever happens in life leaves a lasting effect on us. It is our own character that defines this effect. A positive and humble man would become more positive during success and more humble in failures."

  • "Your actions are the translations of your intent. A same action with bad intention would harm others while if done with good intent bring benefits for others."