Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Delegate Your Dreams

A fellow speaker gave an interesting insight on the delegation of authority. He said 'delegate dreams' to your people and not just the authority.
An #entrepreneur is a visionary. He inspires his team to take that extra mile to deliver 'his' dreams. How about making it 'their' dreams?
Wonderful thought. Make them earn their dream on your idea. You win their loyalty and you can create a miracle. #entrepreneurship #startUp

Entrepreneurship Explained

My idea of #entrepreneurship is simple. Do your ground work on your business idea
- Viability
- Longevity
- Value Proposition.
If you have answers to the above points do plunge into it. No need to think beyond this when you start.
Question like where would my #StartUp be after 5 yrs? is crap. It might happen that after 5 years you are totally into a different business hence do not bother to answer that. Work diligently to make your current set up profitable.
Environment is dynamic. It changes fast. Remain flexible and try to grab the opportunity and mould your business accordingly.
The idea which is great for you, may not be a great idea at all. No fun in holding it too tightly. Change and make the most of the given situation.
Evolve and have fun with #entreprenuership

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thinking aloud. #Opinion

However radical I may sound but I strongly feel that those #entrepreneurs who solely work on valuation without caring too much about revenue or the investor's return, are as good as ponzi scamsters.
I remember reading stories of great minds like Jack Welch, JRD Tata, Steve Jobs etc who created empire and worked diligently for that.
When JRD inherited Tata leadership from his father. He was in debt and had lost everything to pay the debt. Lived in a hotel and operated from there.
These are the kind of stories the #startup entrepreneurs should know rather than idolising the fly by night operators who work on valuation.
They have build institutions and empires which remained a continuous source of livelihood for many. A continuous source of inspiration for us.
Hardwork, commitment and will to sacrifice self interest in the larger interest of the organization is the basis of institution building.
I long to meet such an #entrepreneur in person. But alas in this fast paced world we find opportunists masquerading as entrepreneurs.
#StartUp #Entrepreneurship