Monday, July 28, 2008

Your Justice, My Judgment..!

I am a mediator between two waring brothers of my community. My intention is to deliver a judgment which is accepted by You; the judgment which has your Will. I have heard both the parties jointly once and individually couple of times.

I find myself in a deep mess as my limited knowledge, skills and intellect is a big bottleneck for me to reach Your Justice; to reach Your Decision. I seek Your divine intervention in this case My Lord! Provide me with enough skills, intellect and EQ so that my judgment in this case may reach Your Divine Justice. Grant me enough strength and will-power that I deliver a selfless and impartial judgment; I deliver a judgment which has Your consent.

I am scared of committing a mistake of not delivering a right judgment and I know my wrong decision would have impact on lives of many people affected. I pray to You My Lord! to ignore my sins and vices and look at my earnestness and my seeking Your divine help in this case. Help me and bestow Your limitless kindness on me for the sake of Holy Prophet and his holy progeny O My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Wish

The life has uptill now treated me beautifully. Whatever I have desired, whatever I have wished You have granted me much more than that My Lord! I am gratefull to You for Your limitless, uncountable blessings. How I wish that I be some help to You.

The interesting part of my wish is that I am so dependent on You My Lord, that I will have to seek Your divine help to make me capable of extending my help to You; quite amazing isn't it? Now, having thought that I started looking around to look for You My Lord, so that I may be able to help You and in the process I found my uncle and his family, my family, my young brothers and sisters, my elders and my community. I started looking them with different eyes, I started searching You in them and Yes.......You have helped me......I found You in their smiles, in their joys, in their love and in their little daily routine.

After having found You, I don't want to leave You My Lord! Grant me enough strength that I be always with them in happiness and in sorrow. Be their constant help and inspiration and when You wish to take me back, I have this feeling that during my short life I was a great help to You. Fulfill my this wish and keep my entire family and my clan together and intact for the sake of Your Holy Prophet and his holy progeny O My Lord! The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Only Solace !!!

Everyday I plan to be honest with You My Lord! Every morning I get up with the thought of living my day the way You want me to live. I seek Your nearness in whatever I am doing; the thought of me getting You is very soul satisfying.

But my thought remains my thought. My will remains my will. The straight path which You have propagated and wants me to travel is difficult to find. Sometimes its visibility is crystal clear through my eyes but most of the times I tend to lose the sight. The worldly lust blurs my vision; it hypnotizes me; it lures me and I am off the track from the straight path then.

I am filled with lots of guilt. I am filled with lots of remorse. But somewhere within me.... there is an inner voice..... may be its Yours My Lord! which tells me to have the faith in Your ability to forgive; in Your limitless kindness. And this inner voice is my only solace; which keeps me spirited and fulfilled. O My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Confession...!!!

My Lord! though I have full faith in You. Though I love You too much. Let me confess that at times it is difficult for a weak individual like me to meet Your expectations.

I recite Your Holy verses on a daily basis. And I pray to You to grant me enough will power and enhance my faith in Your limitless capabilities that I may follow these recitations till I reach You up there. In this Holy book of Yours, You have guided me to live life the way You want, I have tried hard and FAILED.

I promise You one thing, that my faith in You shall grow with time and by Your limitless grace I shall remain faithful to You. You too promise me that You will ignore my sins and vices and soothe me with Your divine remembrance and purify my soul. I need Your help to overcome my weaknesses and temptations, so for the sake of Your Holy Prophet and his holy progeny help me O My Lord THE OMNIPOTENT; THE OMNIPRESENT.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Blog

With the idea of sharing my experience and thoughts I started writing this blog. Initially lots of stuff was taken from somewhere, which I liked and which was inspirational, slowly I shifted the gear and started contributing myself. Now, I feel that the blog has taken a slow transition. It is more of my interaction with the Great Almighty!

And yes I enjoy these interactions. They soothe me. They purify me. While reading Your Holy verses, I found You communicating with me. This was very spiritual and I started connecting with You My God. Getting inspired from that I have started these communications with You. I hope to continue this till my last breath, so that when I am standing in front of You, You will acknowledge that I am that servant of Yours, who connected with You continuously. Listen to all my prayers which I pray; which I dont; which I write; which I dont; which I think and even which I dont think. For the sake of Your Holy Prophet and his Holy progeny O My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Fear!

My heart is filled with sorrow on the thought of loosing You My Lord! This makes me uneasy and weak on my knees that You may not be happy with me. For I am a sinful servant of Yours. I had set my eyes on the goal of reaching You; I had started my journey with the aim of finding You; but in the due course I have realised that to reach You; to find You is an impossible task unless it is Your Will.

You are found by people whom You wish; You are reached by people whom You wish. How I wish and pray that You make me find You. Please bear with my limitless sins. Forgive my reckless life. Own me and love me for the sake of Your holy Prophet and his holy progeny; O My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.