Monday, July 28, 2008

Your Justice, My Judgment..!

I am a mediator between two waring brothers of my community. My intention is to deliver a judgment which is accepted by You; the judgment which has your Will. I have heard both the parties jointly once and individually couple of times.

I find myself in a deep mess as my limited knowledge, skills and intellect is a big bottleneck for me to reach Your Justice; to reach Your Decision. I seek Your divine intervention in this case My Lord! Provide me with enough skills, intellect and EQ so that my judgment in this case may reach Your Divine Justice. Grant me enough strength and will-power that I deliver a selfless and impartial judgment; I deliver a judgment which has Your consent.

I am scared of committing a mistake of not delivering a right judgment and I know my wrong decision would have impact on lives of many people affected. I pray to You My Lord! to ignore my sins and vices and look at my earnestness and my seeking Your divine help in this case. Help me and bestow Your limitless kindness on me for the sake of Holy Prophet and his holy progeny O My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

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