Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Wish

The life has uptill now treated me beautifully. Whatever I have desired, whatever I have wished You have granted me much more than that My Lord! I am gratefull to You for Your limitless, uncountable blessings. How I wish that I be some help to You.

The interesting part of my wish is that I am so dependent on You My Lord, that I will have to seek Your divine help to make me capable of extending my help to You; quite amazing isn't it? Now, having thought that I started looking around to look for You My Lord, so that I may be able to help You and in the process I found my uncle and his family, my family, my young brothers and sisters, my elders and my community. I started looking them with different eyes, I started searching You in them and Yes.......You have helped me......I found You in their smiles, in their joys, in their love and in their little daily routine.

After having found You, I don't want to leave You My Lord! Grant me enough strength that I be always with them in happiness and in sorrow. Be their constant help and inspiration and when You wish to take me back, I have this feeling that during my short life I was a great help to You. Fulfill my this wish and keep my entire family and my clan together and intact for the sake of Your Holy Prophet and his holy progeny O My Lord! The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.

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