Thursday, January 28, 2010

Try new things!

Trying new things expands your horizon. And when things work, you experience happiness and satisfaction. But, if in case it does not work; again the thought that you tried something new will give you satisfaction. so, no harm in trying new things.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The characteristics which will make me successful

For an entrepreneur it is essential to identify his key strengths and should be able to capitalize on it. The success of an entrepreneur would depend on how easily and efficiently he develops his strengths into successful business proposition. My strength was a strong community which was already into restaurant business and their rural presence. I wanted to base my business on this strong foundation. Somewhere I wanted to connect with restaurant business and with the rural population of the community. I knew if I weave a successful business model around them I will have the success recipe ready.

Keeping this in mind I created a value-chain by launching two companies which cater to both the segments. Hearty Mart Enterprise is my wholesale food-grocery supply who caters to more than 300 restaurants across Gujarat. And Hearty Mart super market has entered into rural market and it provides brand franchise to the villagers. Hearty Mart Enterprise is a backward integration in the value-chain as it provides food-groceries to all my franchises. In this way the restaurant supply business gives us immense buying capacity and we get the benefit of economies of scale, which we pass it on to our franchises.

Why I became an Entrepreneur?

Advertising had always fascinated me in the past. When in college I dreamt to be a model, and then when I started my serious management studies I wanted to be an ad professional; which I did achieve by joining a blue-chip advertising agency where I worked for almost 5 years. During this time I got an opportunity to fulfil my dream of becoming a model and did couple of small modelling assignments for Wagh Bakri and AT&T.

As I started growing in my professional career I realized that my passion for advertising has dried and I wanted to quit the job at the earliest. Let me clarify that I am not against advertising and even today I am associated with an ad agency and I share my experience with students in couple of institutes. But I wanted to do something which gave me identity.

Every morning when I wake up I wanted to feel happy that I am doing something which is a great help to many. This was possible only if I started something on my own. I could do all this when I am independent to take decisions and I am on my own. This strong drive made me sit and think on my strength within and after analyzing all pros and cons I decided to quit my lucrative job to start my own entrepreneurial venture.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new entreprenuer is born!

A small village boy stayed with me at Hearty Mart Ahmedabad for almost 2 years. This young boy was directionless in his ambitions and he was the only son of his parents. Needless to say he was the only hope for them. When his father approached me, he wanted his son to spend some time at Hearty Mart Ahmedabad. The idea was that I should make him responsible and matured individual so that later on he can be a strong helping hand to his father. I agreed to hire him as a counter sales man at my store and he started working with us.

Looking at him and his working style, I requested his father that he should stay with us for almost 4 years. His father agreed. After almost one and half years I spoke to my people and took the review about his progress. The result was pathetic, as he was forgetful and never remembered any thing. My team was reluctant to assign him with any kind of responsibility. So eventually I decided to have a chat with him and I gave him ultimatum of leaving Hearty Mart by 31st March 2008. This banter had the magical effect as there was a change in his attitude and he started to take initiatives. Within 3 months he was managing the entire store. And we decided to help him set his own-shop within 2 years instead of 4 years as decided earlier.

He is Abbas Ali, who turned entreprenuer now. At Zahirabad near Himmatnagar he has opened Hearty Mart Saral Shop. I see in him strong determination and will to succeed. It gives me immense satisfaction to see him work hard and nurture his business. I wish him all the best and may God give me strength to take this mission forward!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Friend, Philosopher, Guide

I was born in a spiritual family. This birth gave me surroundings of noble and holy souls. Living with them I got the spiritual bent and I tried inculcate good things following them and listening to their kind advice. But afterall I am Your sinful servant My Lord! When I look back and retrospect, I am scared that at every step I indulged in sins.

I have been Your disobediant servant and have not followed Your instructions which You have so well informed us in Your holy book. My birth is a great blessings of Yours, as I have access to people who are there for me and who pray to You for my salvation. I am thankful to You My Lord for Your huge kindness and limitless grace. I know I dont deserve to be so respected and I dont have any importance and existence without Your kindness and grace.

Your divine presence and rememberance is the guiding force which has made me come out of dumps. Your kindness and love is my only solace. Truely You are my friend, philosopher and guide. Bless my holy prophet and his holy progeny and remain so always. Keep my sins undercover and never reveal them ever and please never embarrass me for the sake of Your holy prophet and his holy progeny; as I am his son and in my veins it is his holy blood which flows. O My Lord! The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.