Friday, January 8, 2010

The characteristics which will make me successful

For an entrepreneur it is essential to identify his key strengths and should be able to capitalize on it. The success of an entrepreneur would depend on how easily and efficiently he develops his strengths into successful business proposition. My strength was a strong community which was already into restaurant business and their rural presence. I wanted to base my business on this strong foundation. Somewhere I wanted to connect with restaurant business and with the rural population of the community. I knew if I weave a successful business model around them I will have the success recipe ready.

Keeping this in mind I created a value-chain by launching two companies which cater to both the segments. Hearty Mart Enterprise is my wholesale food-grocery supply who caters to more than 300 restaurants across Gujarat. And Hearty Mart super market has entered into rural market and it provides brand franchise to the villagers. Hearty Mart Enterprise is a backward integration in the value-chain as it provides food-groceries to all my franchises. In this way the restaurant supply business gives us immense buying capacity and we get the benefit of economies of scale, which we pass it on to our franchises.

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