Monday, January 4, 2010

My Friend, Philosopher, Guide

I was born in a spiritual family. This birth gave me surroundings of noble and holy souls. Living with them I got the spiritual bent and I tried inculcate good things following them and listening to their kind advice. But afterall I am Your sinful servant My Lord! When I look back and retrospect, I am scared that at every step I indulged in sins.

I have been Your disobediant servant and have not followed Your instructions which You have so well informed us in Your holy book. My birth is a great blessings of Yours, as I have access to people who are there for me and who pray to You for my salvation. I am thankful to You My Lord for Your huge kindness and limitless grace. I know I dont deserve to be so respected and I dont have any importance and existence without Your kindness and grace.

Your divine presence and rememberance is the guiding force which has made me come out of dumps. Your kindness and love is my only solace. Truely You are my friend, philosopher and guide. Bless my holy prophet and his holy progeny and remain so always. Keep my sins undercover and never reveal them ever and please never embarrass me for the sake of Your holy prophet and his holy progeny; as I am his son and in my veins it is his holy blood which flows. O My Lord! The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

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