Friday, September 25, 2009

Hearty Mart: Creating and nurturing entrepreneurs

Month: January, 2007
Place: Ilol

Mehdi and Mehmood, two brothers staying in Ilol village are farmers by profession. They are well settled in their village, but often regret that they could not go out of it as they have their farms to look after. They have enough land at their disposal and financially they are doing well. But, they aspire to do a modern business. They want to explore new business avenues and want to make their mark in entrepreneurship. Being in a village they feel tied down and they don’t expect any good business opportunity coming their way.

Just half a kilometre away from them, a young entrepreneur Hasan stays. He owns a small shop named Sahyog Kirana in the village and tries to cater to the daily needs and wants of the villagers. The business is fine, but he feels a strong urge to learn new tricks of the trade, to be more organised and to supply the goods more efficiently, to re-invent his business model.

While Hasan needs to re-invent his business in the village; Mehdi and Mehmood don’t know what business to do? How to do?

It was during this time that we decided to foray into rural-brand franchising. We worked out the detailing and modus operandi of the franchise model and thought of approaching a village with the concept. So, in the month of February 2007, we went with the proposal at Ilol and organized a get-together with few acquaintances. Meeting was attended by Mehdi and Mehmood, along with others and needless to say that the entrepreneur within them urged them to take the plunge.

They liked the business idea so much that they approached us after the meeting and gave us their consent to have a Hearty Mart Super market franchise. Eventually in April 2007; the first franchise was launched at Ilol. And, today after almost two and half years, the smart shop (Hearty Mart franchise) is doing really well and expansion plans are on-cards for them, as they are looking for a bigger space now.

The meeting was also attended by Hasan. He already had Sahyog Kirana, and was looking for the ways to re-invent the business. In our association he knew he has got the solution, but the constraint was the space, as his was a typical mom & pop store of 150 square feet area (approximately); which is not viable for a super market. Eventually we zeroed down on Hearty Mart Saral Shop (organized Kirana shop franchise) and we got associated with him in October 2007. Hasan has got so convinced with the concept that he has invested in another super market franchise at Idar and he is planning to expand his network further.

Hearty Mart in that sense is successfully in igniting the fire of entrepreneurship amongst few of the villagers and we are planning to take this concept to every village where such a need is there. We are committed to encourage and nurture entrepreneurs.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Conference in Mumbai

It was an experience of a life time. The half-cooked thought on which I mulled a lot before giving a final shape some few years back, was being discussed in the boardroom of a 5-star hotel in Mumbai. It was immensely satisfying.

I thank you My Lord! for making my business a successful venture. Bless my business that it grows leaps and bounds and it re-define the business definition following all the guidelines which You have propagated in the Holy Book. Bless me with patience, business acumen, skill and compassion to make it a viable business proposition to all needy people of my community and humanity in general.

I also wish to thank my mentors, guardians, well-wishers and friends who prayed continuously and who are my constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

Bless my holy prophet and his holy progeny and bless all of them, who are there with me in this mission of creating and nurturing entrepreneurs. O My Lord! The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent.