Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Conference in Mumbai

It was an experience of a life time. The half-cooked thought on which I mulled a lot before giving a final shape some few years back, was being discussed in the boardroom of a 5-star hotel in Mumbai. It was immensely satisfying.

I thank you My Lord! for making my business a successful venture. Bless my business that it grows leaps and bounds and it re-define the business definition following all the guidelines which You have propagated in the Holy Book. Bless me with patience, business acumen, skill and compassion to make it a viable business proposition to all needy people of my community and humanity in general.

I also wish to thank my mentors, guardians, well-wishers and friends who prayed continuously and who are my constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

Bless my holy prophet and his holy progeny and bless all of them, who are there with me in this mission of creating and nurturing entrepreneurs. O My Lord! The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent.


Venky said...

it is nothing but sheer hardwork, patience and persistence that has paid, keep it up mate, sky is the only limit for achievers like you

Consciousness Explorer said...

Thank you Venki, you always have very sincere and encouraging words. God Bless!