Monday, June 30, 2008

My Almighty

As a child I was fortunate to be mentored by the most respected members of my family. I was spiritually inclined towards them and tried to learn a lot from them. Yes, it is not easy to be like someone whom you idolise and I dare not ever think of doing it.

I was taught to follow the teaching of God's chosen ones and be honest and faith full to them. I religiously followed what was told and I found a rich wealth of spiritualism in the process. The holy words by THEM became my guide to a new and a better life. I don't claim that I am saint, I am a pukka gunehgaar but I have this satisfaction that I found the true way. I found the path to the success so early, for which normally a human being spends his entire life. I am still involved in sins and I always repent and seek forgiveness from the Divine Almighty; I ask Him to forgive me for the sake of His Chosen ones.

Obeying my elders I found the true path to love the God's chosen ones and while doing it I found my Lord; The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.