Monday, May 11, 2009

My World and You!

My Lord! I am blessed with the world which is full of Your divine memories and remembrance. Here, I dwell with my brothers, friends, elders and well-wishers. My day is made when I see them happy and cheerful. I am motivated to do many more things to make them happier and gay.

But when I find best of my friends in the puddle of self-created mess; I am pained. It hurts me a lot. I seek Your divine intervention to make me capable of clearing this mess. I want You to grant me Your power to reach them and take hold of their hands. To make them ride on my back and take them to the world of love, happiness, harmony, prosperity and goodness. I have found You wherever I have travelled and I want my brothers to join me in this divine journey.

Let this be the purpose of my life. I want my father and guardians to be happy and cheerful. I want to give them a comfortable and peaceful life ahead. Bless my holy prophet and his divine progeny and make me remain steadfast on the straight path. Make me faithful to my father and his children. O My Lord! The Omnipotent. The Omnipresent.