Thursday, October 23, 2008

Your remembrance, my inspiration

I am down today, this was yet another day where I could not meet Your expectations. I know I have let You down by my behaviour and by my conduct. O Eternal God! save me from all this wretched way of life and make me Your chosen servant.

Your remembrance has always inspired me, soothed me and purified me and I have looked up to you in the moment of crisis. To the best of my ability and will, I have tried to be honest with You and have also checked my conduct to match Your divine expectations. But still I feel that I can never reach that magnitude; that height. You are much above me and if You would not extend Your support, I will be lost in this huge ocean of Yours. This huge world of Yours is very scary and I am unable to live the way You want.

I request You to please ignore my vices; ignore my conduct, just see my will, my intentions which are always to be with You and grant me Your nearness. You know My Lord, that I am son of Your holy prophet and thus I belong to his holy progeny. So bless Your prophet and his progeny and be with me. O My Lord The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your limitless grace, my humble business

It is very heartening to see my business being a great help and a source for many people for satisfying their basic needs and wants. It has not given me the returns which I would have loved though, but still there is no regret as I feel Your constant grace on the venture My Lord. This has boosted my confidence and You have inspired me to travel the path less explored and strive hard to make this project a success.

Keep my faith intact on Your limitless grace and bless me with sharp business acumen, better management skills and strong drive to take my business to newer heights. Let this be the mission of my life to keep on inventing and re-inventing business models and create more and more avenues of income for needy people who believe in You and patiently look up to You to make their lives comfortable.

Bless Your Holy Prophet and his progeny, bless my forefathers and don't leave me unheard. O My Lord The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I talk, You listen

I am always excited to chat with You. It gives me immense satisfaction, when I feel that I have communicated my thought with You. Though I know that You don't need a formal communication, You can very well know what I am thinking; what I am dreaming and what I would eventually do. But still this thought of my connecting with You vide this blog is perhaps the best gift the technology has given me My Lord!

In coming days do increase my writing abilities and make me more efficient communicator. I am a sinful servant of Yours, who never forgets You even if I am into a sinful act. I pray to You my Lord that keep me indulged and submerged in Your thoughts and make my life more meaningful and divine. Bless the Holy Prophet and his holy progeny and read my blogs and listen to my talk. O My Lord the Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To You I will return

My Lord, some people have forgotten You today. For them You are non-existent. They feel that this life is all about everything. They will fight in the name of religion. They will misuse and misquote holy verses of Yours to prove their point. They have earned a bad name for the entire community and religion.

Then there are people like me, who interact with You on a daily basis. Who strive to remain honest, truthful and loyal to You and the humanity in general. Who want to follow the straight path which You have advocated. Life here has become too difficult, we are surviving as we tend to have immense faith in Your limitless ability, but still the misdeeds of few pains us. You have given them time to check their deeds, but they are wasting it in creating further destruction to the man-kind. Please do look at us and cover us with Your grand shelter. Book the criminals and take them to task for forgetting You and the imminent day of Judgement.

Bless Your Holy Prophet and His Progeny and always keep me firm on the straight path and make me remember You daily, for I will return to You one day. O My Lord The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Your Will, my destination

It is a while since I interacted with You here, My Lord! Yes, I missed You on this blog and I wanted to connect with You since long, but there was nothing new to offer. No new prayers, no new confessions, no new wishes. I left You with no-work from my side My Almighty. :)

But, now there are lots of favours I want You to do for me. I have realized that I am too gullible and I cannot have a firm footing on this sticky world of Yours. I am always in the self-created mess, which gives me pain and whenever I try to come out, I am immersed more and more into it. I beg You to grant me enough of endurance to fight with the situation. Grant me enough of intelligence to understand what is Your Will and then Grant me enough of Strength, so that I may create my own route to reach Your will.

Keep me under Your divine shelter and protect me from any wrongdoings and misdeeds. Bless Your Holy Prophet and His Holy Progeny and fulfill my wish O My Lord! The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.