Saturday, October 4, 2008

Your Will, my destination

It is a while since I interacted with You here, My Lord! Yes, I missed You on this blog and I wanted to connect with You since long, but there was nothing new to offer. No new prayers, no new confessions, no new wishes. I left You with no-work from my side My Almighty. :)

But, now there are lots of favours I want You to do for me. I have realized that I am too gullible and I cannot have a firm footing on this sticky world of Yours. I am always in the self-created mess, which gives me pain and whenever I try to come out, I am immersed more and more into it. I beg You to grant me enough of endurance to fight with the situation. Grant me enough of intelligence to understand what is Your Will and then Grant me enough of Strength, so that I may create my own route to reach Your will.

Keep me under Your divine shelter and protect me from any wrongdoings and misdeeds. Bless Your Holy Prophet and His Holy Progeny and fulfill my wish O My Lord! The OMNIPOTENT; The OMNIPRESENT.


SajjaD Jafri said...

Prayers .. works definitely... make us calm and content.. we feel him and his blessings.. we stop to do wrongdoings.. we get intelligence to find righteousness.. the path is less walked but surely reaches to him.. The person like me needs person like you.. and My Peer.. who always shows the way where to go.. and takes care when I fall down.. gives courage to stand up again and walk like when i am standing up for the first time.. what can i say .. i don't have words.. but i always feel secured when you all around.. when i came after so many wrongdoings.. you all are welcoming to show me the right path from the start..i felt confident to start again.. no ends but bends i found in life just because you all are there...I am nothing.. nothing at all.. But I pray to make myself deserving the family of ours.

Allah bless you and our family.

Consciousness Explorer said...

God surely bless them who approach Him. He is above all of us, the Ever Kind, Ever Forgiving. Our conduct and prayers to reach Him will give us direction and ultimately we will find Him in the process. God Bless!!!