Friday, January 8, 2010

Why I became an Entrepreneur?

Advertising had always fascinated me in the past. When in college I dreamt to be a model, and then when I started my serious management studies I wanted to be an ad professional; which I did achieve by joining a blue-chip advertising agency where I worked for almost 5 years. During this time I got an opportunity to fulfil my dream of becoming a model and did couple of small modelling assignments for Wagh Bakri and AT&T.

As I started growing in my professional career I realized that my passion for advertising has dried and I wanted to quit the job at the earliest. Let me clarify that I am not against advertising and even today I am associated with an ad agency and I share my experience with students in couple of institutes. But I wanted to do something which gave me identity.

Every morning when I wake up I wanted to feel happy that I am doing something which is a great help to many. This was possible only if I started something on my own. I could do all this when I am independent to take decisions and I am on my own. This strong drive made me sit and think on my strength within and after analyzing all pros and cons I decided to quit my lucrative job to start my own entrepreneurial venture.

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