Monday, July 14, 2008

My Confession...!!!

My Lord! though I have full faith in You. Though I love You too much. Let me confess that at times it is difficult for a weak individual like me to meet Your expectations.

I recite Your Holy verses on a daily basis. And I pray to You to grant me enough will power and enhance my faith in Your limitless capabilities that I may follow these recitations till I reach You up there. In this Holy book of Yours, You have guided me to live life the way You want, I have tried hard and FAILED.

I promise You one thing, that my faith in You shall grow with time and by Your limitless grace I shall remain faithful to You. You too promise me that You will ignore my sins and vices and soothe me with Your divine remembrance and purify my soul. I need Your help to overcome my weaknesses and temptations, so for the sake of Your Holy Prophet and his holy progeny help me O My Lord THE OMNIPOTENT; THE OMNIPRESENT.

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