Friday, August 22, 2008

My Strength

It is a daunting task to live life successfully. It is difficult to be cool, composed and sane in adversities. I find myself in the puddle of challenges which are not easy to deal with. Being a weak human being I do strive hard but it seems the task of life is difficult to manage. I have lost all the strength to fight these challenges. I am alone. I am devastated.

This is what I used to feel My Lord before I started interacting with You. Now, I have found a renewed strength. I am revived. I am rejuvenated. I am connected to You. This liaising with You has given me immense strength. I am Your reflection now. You are my limitless source which gives me strength which is then reflected in my thoughts; in my deeds; in my behaviour; in my existence.

Bless the Holy Prophet and his holy progeny and remain connected with me. May this liaison with You increase in days to come and this interactions with You should be my guide in coming years. Because You are my inspiration; You are my source; You are my power; You are my reason of survival and You are my immense strength. O My Lord The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

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