Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Areeza

My Respected Lord!

I believe in Your limitless nearness to the Great Almighty. And I know with You as my guardian and saviour You can help me earn boundless favours in His kingdom. I request You to pray for me so that my following prayers are heard soon by the creator of All:

  • Since my childhood I am blessed by honest and selfless guardians who have nurtured me and made me whatever I am today. It was their kindness and love which owned me and it is my prayer to You my Lord that grant them safety, prosperity, happiness, love and success of both the worlds.
  • Their children and family may have the security of Holy Prophet and his progeny and may they always prosper. Aameen
  • Bless my family so that we remain honest to the Holy Prophet and His progeny, to You My Lord, to my guardians, to this holy mission, to The Great Almighty.
  • Bless me and my business that it becomes seamless and it may have an all round growth.
  • Bless me with enough strength, courage, acumen and intelligence that I may be able to run the business the way You want me to run and help me make it a truly profitable and successful venture.
  • Bless me that it becomes so inspirational that young entrepreneurs get inspired reading about it and it creates a new business definition in the management books
  • Bless me and my business that it works for the upliftment of the needy people and it encourages entrepreneurship and creates new employment avenues.
  • Bless the people who seek Your blessings for their needs of children, wealth, health and prosperity.
  • Bless my entire family and Jafri clan that we remain united in thick and thin and may we always be a help to each other. In the love of the chosen ones may we live our life on the straight path and may we be successful in the true sense. May we get the success which the Almighty Lord wants us to achieve and which He has advocated in His holy verses.
  • Bless me and my children that we always seek Your nearness and we remain united and firm on the straight path. Bless us so that we be the part of Your army and be Your chosen servants.
  • Bless my uncle for I have not a seen an individual so selfless and divine. I am too small a person to pray for him, but I know You have a special love and affection for him; for the sake of Your love for him bless us and be with us. Always.
Your humble servant.

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