Friday, August 15, 2008

My Assets

Being a self-confessed consciousness explorer; I love to analyse my personality and traits. Among the many vices which I have borrowed from this materialistic world and made them my companion in the journey of life, I have also found two great Assets for which I am thankful to You O' My Creator!

First is Intelligence. By giving this You have bestowed Your limitless kindness on me. It guides me to earn my living in the best possible way which You approve of. It has helped me help my brothers, family and human beings in general in the way You like. It has always helped me in making my world a better place.

Second is Faith. My faith in You has increased many folds over the years. I have matured as an individual and have imbibed many virtues because of my limitless faith in Your greatness My Lord. And this was not possible had You not saved me from my treacherous past and helped me put myself on the straight path.

This faith has definitely made me earn Your love and nearness and I am sure You will give me a Lion's share from Your Kingdom up there in the next world. I have remained honest to Your prophet and his holy progeny; to them I belong and I am sure this is the least reward which I can expect from You O My Lord The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

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