Monday, March 17, 2008

My Desire!

When I sit for a while to contemplate on what life has given me, I become indebted to You O My Lord. I feel like thanking YOU for YOUR limitless blessings which YOU have bestowed over me. With tears in my eyes I thank YOU then and pray that make me more understanding towards my elders, more compassionate towards my young brothers and sisters, more lovable towards mankind in general.

The day YOU feel that I am being dishonest to YOU and to myself, take me back, as I want to be YOUR chosen servant and I would never wish that YOU turn YOUR face away from me. Uplift me and make me YOUR chosen servant. Help me do all the good things, for which YOU have given me birth for the sake of YOUR Holy prophet and his holy progeny My Lord The OMNIPOTENT; THE OMNIPRESENT.

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