Friday, March 28, 2008

My Story

With my limitless shortcomings, I started my journey of life way back in 1971. My initial years were very adventurous, being eldest of my cousins, I had many privileges and yes I did take undue liberties of my status. Then when I became young, I had the energy and passion to conquer this world. To create my place. To be recognised. To be famous. My goals started changing then, I desperately started to seek this world.

The journey still continued and I traveled quite a distance during these years. I covered many a milestones and found that I was traveling a wrong path. During the journey I found that the so-called great achievers were loosing their sheen and aura. They were as vulnerable as anybody else. Realising my mistake I changed my path now, I am travelling a path where everything is to stay forever. I have shunned my idea to seek this world. I have started seeking Him now. I seek my Almighty the OMNIPOTENT. The OMNIPRESENT.

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