Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Quotes

  • "When you translate your passion into your mission you create an enterprise. I love to see people grow and to create avenues for them. My business has evolved as a mirror of my thoughts"
  •   "I failed as a shop keeper to become an entrepreneur. During failure remain positive and think innovatively you can create wonders." - My message to students of Xcellon as a guest speaker.
  •  "Life is like facebook timeline, if you are not active on your own, your lifeline would be tagged by activities of others."
  •  "A truly knowledgeable person is humble in his demeanor; as knowledge provides him insight of his follies and strengths. A person who emanates arrogance after acquiring knowledge has acquired information and not knowledge in true sense."
  •  "Illiterate cannot see what is written. A literate can see what is written but a visionary can see what is yet to be written. The basis of a vision is faith; in the Almighty and in your own abilities. Life is a journey from illiteracy to being a visionary."
  • "To get appreciated for the idea which you always believed in but was outrightly rejected initially by others; gives you immense sense of achievement. Finished my presentation amidst lots of applause. Entrepreneurship is something you cherish if you are able to survive the initial storm. Be an entrepreneur and create the difference."

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