Friday, May 6, 2011

I seek Thy Wisdom

It has been almost one year that I have started writing articles in the light of Thy holy book My Lord! Yes, I always wished to write them but never expected that it would happen so fast.

It is all possible because of Thy limitless Grace on me and the blessings of my uncle and parents. My Lord! I want to continue this till my last breath. Bestow upon me Thy Divine Knowledge, purify my bosom so that I can imbibe Thy Knowledge and make my chest a safe for Thy Wisdom and Knowledge.

I am looking for a publisher to publish my compilation of 'Pearls of Guidance: In view of Quran'. Help me so that my search of the publisher is fulfilled and my work gets to see the light which becomes a source of spreading Thy Divine Message for many many generations to come. And I pray to Thee My Lord, that if Thee would help me I shall write volumes on this subject.

Bless my Holy Prophet (SAW) and his holy and pious progeny and fulfill my wish. O My Lord! The Omnipotent! The Omnipresent

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