Monday, September 6, 2010

My Quotes

"Definition of success is a myth which changes from person to person and hence aiming for it is misleading; rather always aim for satisfaction in whatever work you undertake and you will find your success at that point."

‎"There is one knowledge source and there can be various interpretations. A person who interprets the gained knowledge as near to as its original source has gained knowledge in the true sense".

"The seed of success lies in foundation of trust. Trust your employees and they would develop your enterprise. Trust your friends and they would help you when chips are down. Above all trust God and you would always remain happy and optimistic."

"Be yourself because you are unique.."

"Childhood is Enthusiasm. Youth is Energy. Middle age is Experience. Old age is Enlightenment. If at any given point of your life, you are able to bring all these 4 Es, together that would surely be your Peak of success."

"Backed with the mission of all round development, the journey of an entrepreneur is much more enjoyable. It is much more meaningful."

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