Monday, July 12, 2010

Momin and Imaan

During my induction in one of the prominent companies, the HR manager was explaining me the policies of the organization and what would be my job responsibilities? And what were the expectations of the company from me?

He further elaborated about the employee benefit schemes of the company – the perks and leave entitlement and the performance appraisal system. I was very impressed and I asked him about how soon would I be eligible for all this?

He said that it would depend on successful completion of my probation period of six months. During this period the company would observe my commitment, integrity, my way of carrying out all the responsibilities and above all my dedication to the organization.

If I am successful I would be a confirmed employee having access to all the benefits and perks but If I fail my probation period may get extended and in worst situation I may be asked to leave the organization.

 Any company operating in any kind of industry follows the above norms, so if this is so prevalent in business organization can we draw any parallel of this with Islamic organization?

In Quran Allah (SWT) says in the following ayah:
“Arab ke dehati kehte hai ke hum imaan laye ae Rasool (SAW) tum kehdo ke tum imaan nahi laaye balke yun kehdo ke islam laaye haanlake imaan ka abhi tak tumhare dil se guzar hua hi nahin….” – (Surah-e-Al-Hujuraat, ayah 14)

In the light of above ayah, it can be said that “Being in Islam” and “Being with Imaan” are two different things. Again, it seems that a person is first a Muslim and then he can become a Momin. For a Muslim it is mandatory to offer namaz, fast in Ramzan and go for a Hajj and if he does this he is called a devout Muslim. So how can he become a Momin? It means Allah (SWT) wants Muslims to do something beyond the mandatory to be a Momin. What is that?

Following ayah will help us in our quest:
“Aur Ae Imandaro namaz pabandi se padha karo aur zakaat diya karo aur (dil se) Rasool (SAW) ki ita’at karo taake tum per rahem kiya jaaye.” – (Surah-e-Noor, ayah 56)

The above ayah has been addressed to “Imaandar Momins “ and it says that apart from our prayers (namaz); Allah (SWT) expects us to be dedicated to Rasool (SAW). It means that being dedicated to Rasool (SAW) is that key parameter, which will transform a Muslim into a true Momin.

Again in the following ayah Quran says:
•“Aur jo shakhs ne Khuda aur Rasool (SAW) ki ita’at ki to aise log un maqbool bandon ke saath honge jinhain Khuda ne apni na’ematein di hai yaane ambiya aur siddiqueen aur shohda aur saalehin aur yeh log kya hi ache rafeeq hai.” – (Surah-e-Nisa, ayat 69)

If we remain dedicated to Rasool (SAW), we get the appraisal of being the chosen one by Allah (SWT). And then we become eligible to get limitless bounties from the Almighty Allah.

 So if we carry out our responsibilities of namaz, roza, zakat, Hajj and whatever is being entrusted on us well and above all remain dedicated to Rasool (SAW); Allah (SWT) would confirm us as Momins. And once we get the confirmation of being a Momin, we would get the benefits of Allah’s grace, His limitless bounties and kindness. And we are amongst the chosen people of Allah.

We have been taught the ways of offering namaz, undergoing roza and Hajj. But do we know the way to remain dedicated to Rasool (SAW)? Has Allah (SWT) created such an example which we should follow? And if such an example is there, can Quran throw some light on it?

In Surah-e-Anfal, Allah (SWT) says:
“Ae Rasool (SAW) wohi to woh Khuda hai jis ne apni khaas madad aur momineen se tumhari taeed ki” – (Surah-e-Anfal, ayah 62)

In the above ayah, Allah (SWT) has informed Rasool (SAW) that He has appointed a Momin, who is a great help to him.

As per the tradition of Abu Hureira, quoted by Ibn-e-Asakir, Rasool (SAW) has said that it is written on ‘arsh’ that there is no God but Allah, Mohammed (SAW) is My slave and My Rasool and I helped him through Ali. (Ref: Durr-e-Mansoor, Vol 3, P 199, Mulla Jalaluddin Suyuti, Tarkih Ibn-e-Asakir, Zainul falli).

Allah further says in the following ayah of the same surah:
“Ae Rasool (SAW) tum ko buss Khuda aur jo momineen tumhare taabe’ farman hai kafi hai.” – (Surah-e-Anfal, ayah 64)

Here, He endorses the commitment and dedication of Mawla Ali (A.S) and He further says that Allah and Mawla Ali are enough for Rasool (SAW)’s help.

This dedication and commitment has made him “Commander of Faithfull” and the prominent hadees of Rasool (SAW) says:

•‘Momin ka Amir aur Musalmanon ka Sardar Ali hai.” (Ref: Manaqib al Khwarzami, P 85, Karib Minal Lafaz, Faraeed al Samtain, Vol 1, P 149)

 Mawla Ali (A.S) is that shining example which needs to be followed. and if we follow him we will know the way to remain dedicated to Rasool (SAW). He is Amir-ul-Momineen and leader of umah-e-Rasool (SAW).

Love for Mawla Ali (A.S) is that key differentiator between a Momin and otherwise. That is why Rasool (SAW) has said:
•“Momin ke naam-e-aa’mal ka uonwaan Ali ki mohabbat hai” (Ref; Sawaiqa Mohraika, P 120, Tarikh ibn-e-Asakir, vol 42, P 7, Tarikh al Baghdad, P 177)

In the following ayah Quran says:
“Yeh woh log hai jinki roohain farishte iss haalat main qabz karte hain ke woh (najaasat-e- kufr se) paak-o-pakizah hote hai to farishte unse (nihayat tapaak se) kehte hai salaam-un-alay kum jo naikiya duniya main tum karte the uss ke sile main Jannat main ( be-takalluf ) chale jao.” – (Surah-e-Nahl, ayah 32)

In the above ayah the angels send their salams to few chosen people for their good deeds. So what are these good deeds which even angels acknowledge and who are these people?

Rasool (SAW) has said this:
•‘Behold, whoever dies for the love of Aal-e-Mohammed two doors leading towards Heaven shall be opened for him in his grave”. (Ref: Zamakhshari in his Tafseer, Imam Sa’labi in Tafseer-e-Kabeer)

In the light of above hadees it is clear now that ayah of Surah-e-Nahl refers to Momins who die for the love of Aale Mohammed. It means the reference of “Nekiyan” or “good deeds” is the love for Prophet (pbuh) and his holy progeny which even angels acknowledge.

In a professional career if you do well for the organization you are duly rewarded. You get appreciation for your consistency in commitment and dedication. Now let us see which are the rewards a Momin can expect at the Day of Judgment for his commitment in loving Mawla Ali and his dedication to Rasool (SAW). For this we will see the following two ayahs:

“Jis din tum momin mard aur momin aurton ko dekhoge ke unke imaan ka noor unke aage aage aur dahine taraf chal raha hoga to unse kaha jaaega ki tum ko bashaarat ho ki aaj tumhare liye woh baagh hai jinke niche nahrein jaari hai jinmain hamesha rahoge yehi to badi kamiyabi hai – (Surah-e-Al Hadid, ayah 12)

“Khuda ne Imaandar mardon aur imaandar aurton se bahisht ke un baaghon ka wa’ada kar liya hai jinke niche nahrein jaari hai aur wo un main hamesha rahenge bahisht ke baaghon main umda umda makanaat ka bhi wa’ada farmaya hai aur Khuda ki khushnudi un sab se baalatar hai, yehi to badi a’ala darje ki kaamiyabi hai.” – (Surah-e-Tauba, ayah 72)

 I would like to conclude with this prayer that O my Lord! Increase my love for Mawla Ali, so that I remain dedicated to Rasool (SAW) and so that I become a chosen Momin slave of Yours. I get appraisal and great rewards in this world and hereafter. Keep my feet planted on the path Your holy Prophet (PBUH) has shown. Aamin


manzurali said...

Summa amin..... Pls pray that we also be Momin

Consciousness Explorer said...

Yes ofcourse, your love for your Pir will never be less and InshaAllah you will always be momin.