Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Quotes

"However independent an individual may be; he is always a slave of his habits."

"We are similar in body structure. We have same kind of brain. But we differ in expertise. We differ in intelligence. Why? so that we can help each other with our strengths. So that we remain dependent and united."

"We are bound to have differences; we are two different individuals. What matters the most is how well we gel with each other. How strong is our bond."

"I may not be as good as you desire. But again, I am not as bad as you imagine."

"It is not a coincidence. It is ofcourse 'God's Will'."

"Looking at the sincerity of my doctor in treating my ailment, my heart cried and I prayed to my lord to heal my illness and give me good health. I want my this noble doctor to be happy that his efforts have given him results...."

"Once a noble soul told me that my stars are really good and one day I will conquer many a milestones. I never believed that this could happen with me. But somewhere in my subconscious mind these words do have lasting effect. I think they have inspired me."

"It is a great "pleasure" to drive a luxurious car. And when you use your car to help a patient reach a hospital or a needy to his destination it is "happiness". This is how I differentiate between the two. Hope I remain a happiness seeker."


manzurali said...
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manzurali said...

Yes very very true, we must follow this quotes... I am thanking to that frm its great medium we can get holly guidance (hidayat). This holly blog proves that holly Jafri family's have power to guide us exclusively. We are trying read this blog and also follow them in our life pleas pray 4 us.
Thanks a lot

sneha said...

Wow.........some of the thoughts are simply amazing. They just provide the right outlook on how a person should lead his/her life. Wonderful.....maybe u can put together a book or something....they are really good.
Hope you write more :)