Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Union with You!

Every morning I wake up to a new day. I am filled with enthusiasm to spent my day which brings in peace and joy to me and people around. After finishing my daily routine of walk and freshening up; I keep myself ready to meet You My Lord. I stand there immersed in Your prayer and this morning sessions have magical effect on me as I feel You in my heart. I cry. I beg and I kneel down before Your grandeur and I love this communion. I enjoy every second which I spent remembering You. This is the holiest and most purest time I ever have.

During my communion I ask everything from You. I beg You to shower Your limitless grace and kindness on me and my entire family. To make me a successful human-being who spreads the message of love and peace and does everything which You have advocated. Follow Your straight-path and remain steadfast and honest throughout the lifespan.

I wish to continue doing this till my last breath. I want You to make my every thought pure. Make my every step steadfast. Make me such that You and Your chosen ones love me and vouch for me. Bless my holy prophet and his holy progeny and give a short lifespan, whose every moment is pure with Your rememberance. Whose every step is firm on the straight path. Whose very purpose is to gain Your happiness, mercy and permission O My Lord the Omnipotent; the Omnipresent.

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