Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bless my haven, My Lord!

Bless my haven, My Lord! I have spent the most precious years of my life here. I have lived and re-lived those moments many a times at different stages of my life. You had Your unique way of showing Your affection for me here, and You appointed a guardian angel to protect me and forgive my misdeeds. The haven stood by me against any evil whatsoever. In the due course I became an integral part of this haven. This has been my identity, my world and I don't wish to trade it with anything else.

Bless my haven with unity, integrity, sincerity, love, affection and selflessness. My lord give us enough strength, patience and affinity that we may forget and forgive each others mistakes and stay united and connected forever.

Bless us that we make it a place where even You would want to dwell and rest for a while. Bless Your holy prophet and his holy progeny and keep us one and integrated till eternity. O My Lord The Omnipotent; The Omnipresent.

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