Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Lord when will I see You?

When my eyes are shut, when I will leave this world, I will long to be with You. Since my early childhood I have always idolized You. As I grew my thoughts changed, my view points changed, my personality changed. Everything around me changed but my love for You remained unchanged. It has blossomed as I grew and it has matured with me. You remained my focal point for so many years.

It is my faith that You will be there to take me to the next world. I am waiting for this final journey; the journey which will be memorable; the journey which will be the sweetest. During my life, I have traveled a lot, I have been to different places on various modes of travel, but I know for sure that all these journeys can never match my journey with You. I will cherish this journey till eternity.

I know that when Your followers would see You, it would be difficult for them to control themselves. There will be a sense of urgency to reach You; to be with You. So when I am lost among this crowd of Your followers, trying to have one glimpse of Yours; struggling with them to keep pace with You; please pull me to Yourself. Give me place in the first row of Your chosen ones. Hold my hands and keep me secured within Your Divine and Grand shelter. O Commander of faithfuls! O Saviour of Mankind!

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