Monday, November 12, 2007

Our amazing potential

A little girl was on the beach one day after the tide had rolled out. Hundreds of fish washed up on the shore. The little girl picked them up one by one and threw them back.

A man approached her saying, little girl, you can't make a difference for there are thousands on the beach. She looked at him as she threw another one in and said, it made a difference to that one.

Most of us tend to think it's the big things that make a big difference, but when we look at all the little things that we did, we can see how that invisible trail leads to our big breaks.

Life is actually made up of little things that count a great deal. They are of great importance in our relationship with others and in our relationship with God.

The 'Bible' says, "Wherefore, be not weary in well doing, for you are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceeds that which is great."

Do we take time to remember some of the simple courtesies that are so important in building personal regard and graciousness in our relationship with others?

Do we remember the smile, the compliment, the positive note and the word of encouragement? We should do these important little things without reserve, without holding back on good energy. They should be a part of our everyday manner as we groom ourselves socially in our critical young-adult years.

One quality of character most needed in this world is kindness for other people. One of the urgent lessons of life is to learn how to deal with imperfections in ourselves and in others. And if we are not altogether pleased with ourselves, it should be easy to understand why we are not altogether pleased with others.

God places in each of us the potential of character, compassion, joy and the knowledge we need for personal growth. The seeds for each godly trait are in each of us. Let us water our own plants.

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